How to Learn Singing “7 Years” from Lukas Graham

Learning to Sing “7 Years” by Lukas Graham

“7 Years” by Lukas Graham is a song that combines storytelling with melodic evolution, creating a vivid musical journey. It’s a great piece for beginners to tackle due to its simple melody and range, yet it also provides more advanced singers an opportunity to explore storytelling through vocals.

Understanding the Song

To learn any song effectively, the first step is understanding it. Listen to “7 Years” several times: Get familiar with the melody, lyrics and the emotions being portrayed. Utilize our Vocal Pitch Monitor while listening to the song to visualize the pitch highs and lows, and to understand the song structure better.

Vocal Technique: Mixed Voice

In “7 Years”, Lukas Graham brilliantly employs mixed voice – a blend of chest voice and head voice. This vocal technique is also used in other popular songs like “Someone like You” by Adele and “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. This Mixed Voice video is a great guide to understanding this technique. For an effective range comparison, you can use our Vocal range test.

Emotion and Storytelling

The beauty of “7 Years” is in its autobiographical storytelling. This is where artistry becomes crucial. How you interpret the song is personal. Singing with emotion is different for everyone, and you can explore this aspect further through singing with intuition, skills, and emotion.

Articulation and Breathing

The unique rhythm of “7 Years” demands careful articulation – the precise formation of musical sounds. The song is driven by its lyrics, so clear, crisp words will make your performance soar. Practice with our Finger Bite exercise for better articulation.

Also, don’t forget about proper breathing techniques. Efficient breath usage is vital for long phrases. Learn more about breath support here.


Once you feel confident, practice the components together. Remember, practice with patience. Use our Pitch Training tool to improve your pitch accuracy.

With these steps, you’re on a good path to mastering “7 Years” and improving your overall singing proficiency. We’re excited to hear you sing!