How to Learn Singing “A Horse with No Name” from America

Learning to Sing “A Horse with No Name” by America

Are you a fan of the band America and their iconic song “A Horse with No Name”? Do you want to learn how to sing it like a pro? In this article, we will guide you through the process of learning and performing this classic tune. Along the way, we’ll highlight the unique vocal technique used in the song and explore other popular songs that employ a similar style.

Understanding the Vocal Technique

One of the distinctive features of “A Horse with No Name” is the airy, breathy tone used by the lead singer. This technique, known as flageolet or falsetto, gives the vocals a dreamy and ethereal quality. Flageolet is often used in folk and soft rock genres to create a sense of calm and introspection.

To master this technique, it’s essential to work on your breath control and relaxation. Singing Carrots provides a range of resources that can enhance your vocal technique and help you achieve the desired airy tone. Start by exploring the articles on breath support, breathing basics, and vocal health. These articles will provide valuable insights into proper breathing techniques, which are crucial for executing the flageolet style effectively.

Learning the Song

To begin learning “A Horse with No Name,” it helps to have a good understanding of your vocal range. Singing Carrots’ vocal range test is an excellent tool for determining your range and comparing it to famous singers. Use the vocal range test to identify the key that suits your voice best.

Once you know your range, it’s time to dive into the song itself. Start by listening to the original recording multiple times to familiarize yourself with the melody and lyrics. Sing along with the track, paying particular attention to the unique vocal style and delivery of the lead singer. Aim to emulate the breathy tone while staying true to your own voice.

Singing Carrots’ pitch accuracy test is a valuable resource to assess your pitch accuracy while singing the song. Use the pitch accuracy test to identify areas where you may need to fine-tune your performance.

To further improve your vocal skills, consider enrolling in the educational singing course offered by Singing Carrots. This comprehensive program covers singing theory and provides practical tips to enhance your singing abilities. Check out the singing course to take your singing skills to the next level.

Other Songs with Similar Vocal Techniques

“A Horse with No Name” showcases a vocal technique that is also used in several other popular songs. Explore these tracks to further develop your flageolet style:

Listening to and singing along with these songs will expose you to different variations of the flageolet technique, helping you expand your vocal repertoire.


Learning to sing “A Horse with No Name” by America can be a rewarding experience. By mastering the unique vocal technique used in the song and exploring similar tracks, you can enhance your singing skills and develop a versatile vocal style. Remember to utilize the resources provided by Singing Carrots, such as the vocal range test and pitch accuracy test, to get the most out of your practice sessions. So, grab your guitar and start harmonizing with the spirit of this timeless classic!