How to Learn Singing “Act Naturally” from

The song “Act Naturally” is remembered as a popular country song, characterized by its simple and catchy melody. Learning to sing it entails mastering the typical country singing style, which often involves vocal twang and yodeling.

A typical feature of country singing is vocal twang, which creates a bright and edgy sound. This is achieved by narrowing the epiglottic funnel and powering up with breath support. You can perfect your twang by referring to this article and watching this exercise video.

Another unique feature in this song, and often in country music, is yodeling. Yodeling is a rapid switch between chest and head voice, causing a break or crack in the voice. To practice this sound switch, check out this guide and the Voice Break exercise video.

Beyond mastering these techniques, it’s important to understand the song deeply and internalize its emotional content. Practicing with our Vocal Pitch Monitor can help you match the original melody. Furthermore, use our Song Search tool to discover similar songs that match your vocal range, genre preference, and desired level of difficulty.

A well-known song featuring similar techniques includes Dolly Parton’s ‘I Will Always Love You’. Try it to familiarize yourself with other nuances within the country genre.

Remember, the key to mastering a song is consistent practice. Repeat the song until you feel comfortable with every part, but remember to rest your voice to avoid strain. Learn more about these techniques and how to maintain your vocal health in our Singing Course.