How to Learn Singing “Addicted” from Amy Winehouse

Learning Amy Winehouse’s “Addicted”

Amy Winehouse’s “Addicted” is a blend of soul, jazz, and contemporary R&B, making it an interesting and challenging song to master. Amy’s unique vocal technique, richness of tone, and captivating style make this song worth tackling for any singer looking to diversify their repertoire or challenge their technique.

Understanding the Song

To learn “Addicted” effectively, it’s important to understand its context and fundamental elements such as key, tempo, rhythm, and melody. Our article on learning a song effectively is an excellent resource to help you approach this process systematically.

Your Vocal Technique

In “Addicted”, Winehouse showcases her mastery of vocal distortion techniques such as growling and rasping. This is a technique where the artist adds a ‘gritty’ sound to the voice to add emotion. It is also used in many rock, metal and soul songs. Start by understanding your own voice and practice these techniques carefully to avoid straining or damaging your vocal cords. We recommend taking our vocal range test to understand your vocal range and our article on vocal distortion & growling to learn more about this technique.

Articulation and Breathing

The rhythmic patterns of “Addicted” require crisp articulation. Visit our article on articulation for exercises to improve clarity. Amy Winehouse’s singing style involved heavy use of breathy chest voice, demanding effective breath control. Refer to our article on breath support to understand how breath control can improve your vocal performance.

Emotive Singing

“Addicted” is a highly emotional song. Conveying the right emotions while singing is crucial. Our article on singing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking has excellent tips on how to tackle this aspect.

Additional Tools

Our Song Search tool helps you find other songs similar to “Addicted” where these techniques are used. Other tools such as the Vocal Pitch Monitor and Pitch Training can make your practice more effective.

In conclusion, “Addicted” by Amy Winehouse is a rewarding challenge for singers due to its complex musicality and vocal techniques. Take time to appreciate and master the unique elements from this song that you can weave into your own style.