How to Learn Singing “Afterglow” from Ed Sheeran

Learning to Sing “Afterglow” by Ed Sheeran: Techniques and Practice Guide

“Afterglow” by Ed Sheeran is a stunning repertoire piece that calls for a sensitive grasp of vocal techniques to truly bring it to life. Of particular note is the utilization of ‘mixed voice’ – a blend of chest and head voice. Sheeran frequently employs this technique, as do other popular artists such as Sam Smith and Adele.

1. Understanding Your own Voice

Not all voices are the same. Before jumping in, take time to understand your voice by conducting a Vocal Range Test. Educate yourself on your Voice Type and try to Analyze Your Voice. Adjusting keys might be needed to comfortably sing “Afterglow”. You can use our Song Search tool to find songs fitting your range.

2. Learn the Song Effectively

Consider splitting the song into smaller parts and learning each section separately. Pay close attention to Sheeran’s comfortable transition between vocal registers, particularly his mixed voice (a blend of chest and head voice) that gives the song its characteristic sound.

3. Mastering the Mixed Voice

In “Afterglow”, Sheeran delicately moves between chest and head voice, creating a ‘mixed voice’, a technique that allows for vocal dexterity and a wide range of expressive opportunities. To master this, watch this instructional video about how to handle Mixed Voice. Additionally, understanding Vocal Registers can be a great help.

4. Enhance Your Vocal Skills

Extend your practice by using our Pitch Training Game to improve pitch accuracy. Test your skills with the Pitch Accuracy Test as well. Remember to maintain Good Breath Support and Respiration for better sound control.

5. Record and Review

Finally, don’t forget to record yourself with our Vocal Pitch Monitor. It’s a great tool to track your pitch and vocal range in real-time. When reviewing your recordings, pay close attention to your vocal transitions and breath control.

Remember, practice makes perfect, but proper technique makes practice worthwhile. Happy singing!