How to Learn Singing “All I Care About” from Chicago

Learning to Sing ‘All I Care About’ from Chicago

‘All I Care About’ from the musical Chicago, performed by the character Billy Flynn, exhibits the use of a technique called belting. Here’s how you can master it.

Understanding Belting

Belting is a powerful vocal technique where the singer pushes their chest voice above its natural limit. It’s apparent in the chorus of ‘All I Care About,’ creating a strong, robust sound. It’s also used in songs like ‘Defying Gravity’ from Wicked and ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen.


Before tackling the song, understand your voice type using the vocal range test. Knowing your range is crucial as belting involves straining your chest voice. To get your vocal cords ready, start with a warm-up.

Practicing Belting

Belting requires excellent breath support, so work it out using Farinelli breathing exercises. Next, practice the song using the Vocal Pitch Monitor. This can help you visualize the note you are belting and improve your pitch accuracy.

Learning the Song

Split the song into sections and learn each part individually – this approach encourages focused practice. Use the Pitch Training tool to train your ear and practice hitting the correct notes with confidence.

Practicing the Performance

Once you’re comfortable belting and singing the song, move onto performing. Remember to maintain a good singing posture, as it affects breath control, and practice overcoming stage fright.

Other Resources

For further song learning techniques, check out the How to learn a song effectively article. For vocal health tips while practicing belting, refer to the vocal health guide.

Billy Flynn’s ‘All I Care About’ is a song that requires a strong vocal technique – belting. By understanding and gradually practicing this technique, this challenging but fun song can be mastered with ease.