How to Learn Singing “All That I’m Living For” from Evanescence

Learning to Sing ‘All That I’m Living For’ by Evanescence

Learning how to sing ‘All That I’m Living For’ by Evanescence requires more than just hitting the right notes. Lead vocalist, Amy Lee, uses a variety of vocal techniques which contribute greatly to the unique texture of the song.

The most distinctive technique used in this song is belt singing. Belt singing is a technique where the singer pushes their vocal chords together to sing higher pitch lyrics loudly, often employed in rock, pop and musical theatre. Notable examples include ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston and ‘Show Must Go On’ by Queen.

To master belt singing, try exercises from our Pitch Training). It offers interactive vocal warm-ups and exercises that help develop vocal range and agility. Before any vocal training, remember to do a proper warm-up.

Getting your belt singing on point and finding your range is important but remember, practice makes perfect. The Vocal Pitch Monitor tool can help you to control your pitch during practice.

Pitch Accuracy

Use this tool to test your pitch accuracy. Accurate pitch control is essential when singing ‘All That I’m Living For’, especially during belted high notes.

Song’s Key

Establish your own key for the song using the song search tool. It might be necessary to adjust the song’s key to fit your vocal range, especially during high belted sections.

Emotion and Delivery

It’s not just about technique, the song’s emotion plays a significant role. Amy Lee’s performance is deeply emotional and dramatic. Understanding the song’s lyrics and meaning can help to deliver this emotion. Check our article on singing with emotion to get further insight.