How to Learn Singing “All Things Are Possible” from Darlene Zschech

Learning to Sing “All Things Are Possible” by Darlene Zschech

“All Things Are Possible” penned by Darlene Zschech, uses a beautiful blend of high energy and soft harmonies to inspire hope. Mastering it requires the understanding of two essential vocal techniques: Mixed Voice, and Belting.

Step 1: Understanding Your Voice

Firstly, analyze your vocal range using the Vocal range test. Your performance of this song would depend heavily on your voice type.

Step 2: Mastering Mixed Voice

The verses in this song would require Mixed Voice control. With the help of a vocal coach and this exercise, you can further develop your mixed voice.

Step 3: Developing Belting

In the choruses, the song demands the strong and resonant dynamics of belting. This article about belting will provide insight, and regular practice using the Vocal Pitch Monitor will help perfect your belting.

Step 4: Song Practice

Start practicing the song itself after going through the vocal techniques. Break down the song into sections using this guide and practice regularly.

Step 5: Ongoing Improvement

Regularly utilize the Pitch accuracy test to assess and improve skills. This song akin to many pop/rock spirituals, like “Shout to the Lord,” or “My Jesus, I Love Thee” that also require similar vocal skills.


While there might seem like a lot of work, remember – success is inevitable with consistent effort, training, and passion. See your improvement over time, using the Pitch Training tool. Happy Singing!