How to Learn Singing “All This Time” from Britt Nicole

Learning to Sing Britt Nicole’s “All This Time”

“All This Time” by Britt Nicole showcases a vocal technique called “twang”, an essential part of the contemporary singer’s toolbox. Twang adds power to the voice, bringing clarity and focus to the tone without increasing vocal strain. This technique helps create a ‘ring’ in your voice that cuts through backing instruments, making it perfect for pop songs like this one. You can also hear twang in other popular songs like “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

Here’s How You Can Learn It:

  1. Find your vocal range: Before you start learning this song, it’s important to know your vocal range. This will help you sing comfortably and avoid straining your voice.
  2. Pitch accuracy: This song demands good pitch accuracy. Practice hitting the correct notes and maintaining their exact pitch.
  3. Master Twang: Check this Twang exercise video to get a hang of this vocal technique. Refer to the Contemporary vocal techniques article for further understanding.
  4. Articulation: Britt Nicole articulates words beautifully in this song. To achieve clear articulation, try the Finger Bite exercise, and learn more about Articulation.
  5. Practice! Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to get real-time feedback as you practice.

Avoid These Common Mistakes:

To sing songs like “All This Time” effectively, it’s important to avoid unnecessary vocal tension. Excessive air pressure can result in a forced, strained tone. Instead, aim for a relaxed, resonant sound. Always warm up before practicing singing, and make sure your posture supports your breath. You can build strong breath support by following guides like our in-depth article on breath support.


Your main goal when learning a song should be to make it your own. To help you on this journey, we recommend reading How to find your own authentic voice.