How to Learn Singing “All Through the Night” from Cyndi Lauper

Learning to Sing “All Through the Night” by Cyndi Lauper

“All Through the Night” is a signature song of Cyndi Lauper that showcases her expressive, emotive singing and range. Here is how to approach learning this song.

1. Voice Analysis and Vocal Range

The song spans from G3 to E5, which comfortably fits most Mezzo-Sopranos and Sopranos. If you’re unsure of your range, a quick Vocal Range Test will help you.

2. The Voice Technique: The Chest-Dominant Mix

Lauper uses a chest-dominant mix that allows her to belt high notes without straining her voice. Gain better control over your Voice Registers with some associated exercises.

3. Sing with Emotion

Expressive singing is of great importance in this song. Give consideration to singing with emotion to truly engage your audience.

4. Vocals and Diction

Clear Articulation in the upper registers is key here. You want your audience to understand the lyrics, especially when singing at a higher pitch.

5. The Unique Technique: Vibrato

Lauper’s singing style is characterized by her frequent use of Vibrato, a musical effect consisting of a regular pulsating change of pitch. Learn more about Singing with Vibrato and how to incorporate it into your performances.

6. Practice

Consider using the Pitch Training tool to perfect your pitch accuracy. Also, use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to track your progress.

Final Words

Remember that every singer has a unique voice. With steady practice and understanding, you’ll be able to make this song your own. Make sure to give your voice adequate rest and maintain your Vocal Health.