How to Learn Singing “All You Never Say” from Birdy

Learning to Sing ‘All You Never Say’ by Birdy

When learning to sing ‘All You Never Say’ by Birdy, one peculiar vocal technique stands out – the use of breathy head voice. Popular singers such as Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift also employ this technique from time to time. Mastering this technique enriches your singing style and broadens your skills repertoire.

Understanding the Breathy Head Voice

A breathy head voice is a singing style where the singer allows more air to pass through the vocal cords during phonation. The result is a soft, intimate, and slightly whisper-like sound. To learn more about different voice registers, read our article on Voice Registers & Vocal Break.

Learning the Song Structurally

Breaking down ‘All You Never Say’ and learning it part by part is crucial. This notion is further explained in our article on How to Learn a Song Effectively.

Applying the Technique in Practice

When practicing the breathy head voice, it is important to control your airflow to avoid strain or vocal cord damage. You should support your breath and breathe efficiently. Visualizing your sung notes can be helpful in this context, and you can use the Vocal Pitch Monitor for this.

Additional Tips

Combine the breathy voice technique with good articulation and resonance to improve your overall sound. Additionally, maintaining a good posture ensures better voice control.

Final Thoughts

After mastering ‘All You Never Say’, you can discover other songs that suit your vocal range using our Song Search function. Remember, practice makes perfect! Happy singing!