How to Learn Singing “Always Remember Us This Way” from A Star Is Born [2018]

How to Learn “Always Remember Us This Way” from “A Star Is Born”

Learning to sing a particular song can be a fun and rewarding experience. In this article, we will discuss how to learn the song “Always Remember Us This Way” from the movie “A Star Is Born.” This beautiful ballad has a unique vocal technique that showcases emotion and vulnerability.

Understanding the Song

Before diving into learning the song, it’s important to understand its emotional context and the vocal technique used. “Always Remember Us This Way” is a powerful and heartfelt song that requires connecting with the lyrics on a deep level.

The song utilizes a mix of chest voice and head voice to convey the raw emotions. This vocal technique, known as a mix voice, allows for a seamless transition between registers, creating a rich and expressive sound. The use of vibrato also adds a touch of warmth and emotion to the performance.

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Step-by-Step Guide

Now let’s break down the process of learning and singing “Always Remember Us This Way” into manageable steps:

  1. Listen to the song: Start by listening to the original recording of “Always Remember Us This Way” to familiarize yourself with the melody, lyrics, and overall feel of the song.
  2. Analyze the song structure: Take note of the song’s structure, including the verse, chorus, bridge, and any other sections. This will help you understand where each vocal technique is utilized and how to approach different parts of the song.
  3. Warm up your voice: Before diving into singing the song, it’s essential to warm up your voice properly. Use Singing Carrots’ singing course for warm-up exercises that will prepare your voice for singing.
  4. Focus on vocal technique: Pay attention to the unique vocal technique used in “Always Remember Us This Way.” Practice transitioning smoothly between chest voice and head voice to achieve the desired mix voice effect. Singing Carrots’ Pitch Training game can help you improve your pitch accuracy and develop control over your vocal registers.
  5. Embrace the emotions: Connect with the lyrics and emotions of the song. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and convey the story through your voice. Singing with emotion is crucial to delivering a powerful performance.
  6. Practice, record, and evaluate: Practice singing the song regularly and record yourself to evaluate your progress. Use Singing Carrots’ Vocal Pitch Monitor to see your sung notes on a virtual piano and assess your pitch accuracy. Additionally, keep track of your singing improvement using Singing Carrots’ progress statistics feature.
  7. Explore similar songs: “Always Remember Us This Way” incorporates a unique vocal technique that you can find in other popular songs. Some examples include “Over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland and “Listen” by Beyoncé. Listening to and studying these songs will give you a better understanding of how to use the vocal technique effectively.


Learning to sing “Always Remember Us This Way” from “A Star Is Born” can be an incredible journey of self-expression and vocal growth. With the right techniques, practice, and emotional connection, you can deliver a captivating performance. Remember to utilize the resources and tools available on Singing Carrots to enhance your singing skills and track your progress.

Happy singing!