How to Learn Singing “Always True to You in My Fashion” from Kiss Me Kate

How to Learn “Always True to You in My Fashion” from Kiss Me Kate

Learning a new song can be an exciting challenge for singers, and “Always True to You in My Fashion” from the musical Kiss Me Kate is no exception. In this article, we will guide you through the process of learning this delightful and witty song, and provide practical advice along with the unique vocal technique used in the song.

Understanding the Song

“Always True to You in My Fashion” is a song performed by the character Lois Lane in the musical Kiss Me Kate. It is a comedic number with a fast-paced tempo and clever lyrics. The song showcases Lois’ sassy and flirtatious personality, making it a great choice for performers who want to showcase their acting skills alongside their singing abilities.

The unique vocal technique used in this song is the ability to deliver rapid-fire lyrics with precision and clarity. The song requires good diction and the ability to enunciate words quickly, while maintaining a playful and comedic tone. It is important to pay attention to the rhythm and phrasing to ensure that the song’s humor and wit shine through.

Practical Advice

To effectively learn and perform “Always True to You in My Fashion,” here are some practical tips to keep in mind:

  1. Analyze Your Voice: Before diving into the song, take some time to analyze your voice. Understanding your vocal range and voice type can help you make necessary adjustments and modifications while singing the song. Check out this helpful guide on how to analyze your voice for more information.
  2. Breathing Basics: Breath support is crucial in tackling a song with rapid lyrics. Make sure to practice proper breathing techniques to maintain control and sustain your voice throughout the song. Learn more about breathing basics for singing.
  3. Articulation: Since the song has rapid lyrics, clear articulation is essential. Work on your articulation skills and consider incorporating exercises like the Finger Bite exercise to improve your diction.
  4. Phrasing: Pay close attention to the phrasing of the song to ensure that the lyrics flow smoothly. Practice singing along with the original recording or a backing track to get a feel for the rhythm and phrasing.
  5. Performance: “Always True to You in My Fashion” is a character-driven song, so don’t forget to incorporate acting and gestures into your performance. Amp up the sass and flirtatiousness to bring the character of Lois Lane to life.

Singing Carrots Resources

To enhance your learning experience and practice, Singing Carrots offers several resources that can be beneficial:

  • Vocal range test: Take the vocal range test to determine your voice type and range, which can inform your approach to the song.
  • Pitch accuracy test: Assess and improve your pitch accuracy with this test, which can be useful for delivering the rapid lyrics of the song with precision.
  • Vocal Pitch Monitor: Utilize the vocal pitch monitor to visualize and analyze your sung notes on a virtual piano and ensure you’re hitting the right pitches.
  • Pitch Training – Educational Singing Game: Explore Singing Carrots’ pitch training resources, including warm-ups and exercises to improve your range, agility, and pitch accuracy.
  • Vocal ranges of famous singers: Discover the vocal ranges of famous singers, which can give you insights into the vocal techniques used in other popular songs.