How to Learn Singing “Amazed” from Phillips Craig & Dean

Learning to Sing ‘Amazed’ by Phillips, Craig & Dean

The contemporary Christian song ‘Amazed’ by the trio Phillips, Craig & Dean is a beautiful demonstration of harmonization and the use of resonant voice technique. This technique is all about maximizing the use of vocal chambers for optimal sound projection, quite common in Christian and pop music genres.

Resonant voice can transform the singing experience by offering a fuller, richer, and more powerful sound. Examples of other songs using a resonant voice technique include ‘How Great Thou Art’ by Carrie Underwood and ‘Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)’ by Hillsong United.

Steps to Master Singing ‘Amazed’

Understand the Song

Begin by immersing yourself in the song. Listen to it often, paying particular attention to the trio’s harmonization and resonance. As you listen, try to analyze your own voice to gauge your ability to replicate the resonant technique used.

Know Your Vocal Range

Perform a vocal range test to know what notes are comfortable for you. Understanding your vocal range will allow you to adapt the song to fit your own unique voice, if necessary.

Determine the Song’s Key

Use our Song Search tool to determine the key of ‘Amazed’. This tool will make sure you’re singing the song in a key that aligns with your vocal range.

Use Vocal Techniques

Work on using resonance techniques extensively. Try to make the most of your body as a sound box – maintain an open throat, deepen your breath support, and make your vocal tract more flexible.


Use Pitch Training tools to practice. Repeated, focused diligence is the best way to master singing ‘Amazed’ and using your resonant voice.

Record and Analyze

get objective feedback, use our Vocal Pitch Monitor. It will help you visually track your singing, note by note, to make sure you’re hitting those resonance points.

With determination and practice, you’ll get closer to mastering ‘Amazed’ with a resonant voice just like Phillips, Craig & Dean. As a bonus, these skills will also translate to other songs, increasing your overall singing ability. Happy singing!