How to Learn Singing “And All That Jazz [Excerpt]” from Chicago

Learning to Sing “And All That Jazz” from Chicago

The iconic Broadway show tune “And All That Jazz” presents ample opportunities for showcasing vocal technique. The song demands a strong chest voice, a good grasp of pitch and rhythm, and the mastery of a vocal technique known as ‘twang’.

What is Twang?

“Twang” is a contemporary vocal technique which involves altering the shape of the vocal tract, creating a unique bright, ringing quality of voice. Besides “And All That Jazz”, the twang technique is adopted by many famous singers and can be heard in pop, rock, and of course, musical theatre. Learn how to develop twang by watching this How to Twang Exercise.

Steps to Learn the Song

  1. Understand your Vocal Range: Start by determining your vocal range to ensure it matches the song’s requirements. Use the Vocal range test. Consider consulting our guide on Voice types as well.
  2. Listen and Analyze: Listen to “And All That Jazz” multiple times focusing on rhythm, pitch, and technique involved. Utilize the Vocal Pitch Monitor tool to understand the notes.
  3. Practice Twang: Watch How to Twang Exercise and apply the technique while singing the song. As twang requires good breath support, reference our article on Breath Support.
  4. Vocal Drills: With Pitch Training – Educational Singing Game, practice singing the song’s notes. Use the Pitch accuracy test to measure your accuracy.
  5. Performance: Practice singing the song in its entirety. Relax and enjoy embracing the character. Check out our performance tips for stage presence pointers.

Elevate the performance of “And All That Jazz” by strengthening your command over the ‘twang’ technique, breath support, pitch accuracy and stage presence. Happy Singing!