How to Learn Singing “Angel” from Aretha Franklin

Learning to Sing “Angel” by Aretha Franklin

“Angel,” performed by the legendary Aretha Franklin, is an ideal choice for vocalists seeking to explore gospel and soul genres. The song showcases her extraordinary Belting technique and formidable Twang. It allows the singer to project a powerful, resonating sound even on high notes. You can hear similar techniques used popularly by singers such as Beyoncé in “Listen” and Whitney Houston in “I Will Always Love You”.

Understanding Your Voice

Before you begin, it’s essential to understand your voice and know your voice type. Our Vocal range test can assist you in figuring this out. If the song’s range exceeds yours, consider adjusting the key to suit your vocal capabilities.

Techniques You’ll Learn

The main vocal techniques in “Angel” are Belting and Twang. Belting allows vocalists to sustain high pitches without flipping into their head voice. Singers use Twang to amplify the sound, making it richer and louder. To correctly do this, check out videos like How to Twang Exercise.

Learning The Song

To learn this piece effectively, you need to follow a specific set of steps discussed in our article, How to learn a song effectively. Start with understanding the melody and lyrics, and then progressively learn to sing it with the accompaniment.

Pitch and Accuracy Practice

Our Pitch accuracy test will help you maintain the correct notes throughout the song. This practice is crucial to keep the melody intact and avoid singing out of pitch.

Singing Performance and Stage Fright

Once you’re comfortable singing “Angel,” you might want to perform it. Aretha Franklin was not only a remarkable singer but also a compelling performer. Our articles on How to overcome stage fright and Tips for performing on stage offer valuable insights in this area.

“Angel” is a song that will challenge and refine your vocal abilities. Embrace the learning process, and remember: every great singer starts somewhere. You’re on your way to an exciting singing journey with Singing Carrots.