How to Learn Singing “Angry Chair (Acoustic)” from Alice In Chains

Mastering Angry Chair (Acoustic) by Alice In Chains

“Angry Chair (Acoustic)” by Alice In Chains is a vocally demanding song known for its unique grunge sound and use of vocal techniques like growling. Growling creates a gritty, raw texture – a hallmark of the grunge genre.

Understanding your voice’s capabilities is an essential starting point. Utilize the Vocal range test to get an idea of your vocal range and see how it compares to Layne Staley’s, the singer of Alice In Chains.

Your first step is to understand song’s vocal demands and emotional context. Alice In Chains is known for their guttural, raw, emotional delivery. Try to connect with the song’s emotional context because emotional investment is key to a genuine performance.

Growling is a challenging technique and must be executed carefully. Mainly used in rock, blues, and metal, growling exudes strong notes with a raspy, distorted tone. Discover more about it through our article on vocal distortion and refer to this instructional video for practical exercises.

This technique is highlighted in popular songs like “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden and “Given Up” by Linkin Park. However, misuse can strain your vocal cords, so ensure you return to a clean singing tone regularly to provide rest.

Work on correct breath support with our guide on breath support. You’ll want to master this to control demanding passages and to sing with power while maintaining your vocal health.

Finally, you will want to capture the song’s tone and spectral character. To help with this, use our Vocal Pitch Monitor. See your sung notes on a virtual piano in real-time and match the key, melody, and unique vocal techniques present in “Angry Chair”.

This journey to mastering Alice In Chains’s “Angry Chair” will entail vocal training, emotional exploration, and the cautious application of vocal distortion. Be patient and persistent, and above all, remember to protect your vocal health!