How to Learn Singing “Anyone” from Demi Lovato

Learning to Sing ‘Anyone’ by Demi Lovato: A Guide to Belting and Emotional Transparency

The power ballad ‘Anyone’ by Demi Lovato is a tour de force of vocal technique and emotional expression. The song’s primary technique is belting, a hallmark of pop and musical theatre that requires strength, control, and confidence. Belting involves singing high notes in your chest voice without flipping into head voice.

The emotion in ‘Anyone’ makes this song not just a test of technique, but also a leap into vulnerability and personal connection. It’s this mix of technical prowess and emotional transparency that makes the song so compelling.

Technical Aspects

Learning to belt safely and effectively is critical for ‘Anyone.’ Before starting, take our vocal range test and pitch accuracy test to assess your current abilities.

First get comfortable with the melody using our Vocal Pitch Monitor. Start by singing softly, focusing on hitting each note accurately.

Next, practise belting using the exercises in our Pitch Training tool. Always remember to warm up your voice to prevent strain. If these exercises feel comfortable, try belting the melody of ‘Anyone.’

Emotional Aspects

The great challenge of ‘Anyone’ is to deliver its raw emotion convincingly. This requires emotional intelligence and connection with the song’s message.

Begin by reading the lyrics separately, contemplating their meaning in your life. Then, sing the song again, this time focusing purely on its emotional quality. Lastly, combine both technical precision and emotional delivery.

Further Learning

‘Anyone’ serves as a masterclass in belting. If you enjoy singing it, consider tackling other songs with similar techniques like ‘Defying Gravity’ from Wicked or Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone.’

Discover songs matching your belting range using our song search tool. Or learn more about artists renowned for their belting technique.

For a deep dive into singing education, enroll in our comprehensive singing course. It covers a broad spectrum of topics including vocal technique, song learning, and performance skills.

Remember to enjoy your singing journey and continually seek to find and express your authentic voice.