How to Learn Singing “April Love” from Pat Boone

Learning to Sing “April Love” by Pat Boone

“April Love” by Pat Boone is a classic pop song that showcases a unique vocal technique known as the “Crooning” technique. Crooning is characterized by a smooth, soft, and intimate vocal delivery, very much like what we hear in Boone’s performance. Similar techniques can be found in Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” and Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”.

Understanding Crooning

Crooning requires the singer to sing softly, also known as pianissimo singing. It is typically applied in chest voice and involves the gentle mixing of chest and head resonances. This results in a warm, rich, and smooth sounding tone that’s inviting and personable. You can learn more about voice registers here.

Learning the Song

Start familiarizing yourself with the lyrics and melody of the song using the Singing Carrots song search. Remember, learning a song is not just about hitting the right notes. It’s about understanding the mood, the story, and what the song wants to convey. You can find more tips on learning a song effectively here.

Practicing Crooning

As you begin to practice, start with a gentle warm-up, like the Farinelli Breathing video. This will help you to relax your vocal chords and prepare you for the soft, relaxed style of singing we aim for in crooning. To help monitor your pitches and ensure you’re presenting the song in your optimal vocal range, use the Vocal Pitch Monitor.

Mastering the Technique

Once you are comfortable with the melody and lyrics, start focusing on achieving the smooth vocal delivery of crooning. Watch the ‘Chest Voice Explained’ video to better understand how to access your chest voice and blend it with the smoother head voice.

Remember, singing should be both engaging and enjoyable. Happy practicing and enjoy your journey in learning “April Love”.