How to Learn Singing “April Showers” from Al Jolson

Learning to sing “April Showers” by Al Jolson involves the understanding of an exciting vocal technique, the chest voice. Known for its rich and powerful sound, chest voice is quite prominent in this song, helping to deliver the melody with vigor and depth. By mastering this vocal technique, you’ll be able to sing not only this spectacular song but also numerous other popular songs. “All of Me” by John Legend and “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele are two iconic examples where chest voice is liberally applied.

Start by getting a feel for your own skill level and vocal range. Our vocal range test can help you understand your voice better, to appreciate whether your range matches that required by “April Showers”.

Next, listen to the song several times to capture its rhythm, melody and style. Vocal technique is one thing, but the feel and emotion are equally important. You want to ensure you are conveying the mood of the song correctly. Singing with intuition, emotion, and skill, can guide you on effectively delivering emotion.

“April Showers”, being a classic song, is performed using chest voice. This gives it its rich, full and resounding tone. In order to perfect singing in your chest voice, you need to develop an understanding of vocal registers. Our article on voice registers is an excellent resource for this. You may also watch a video on Chest Voice Explained.

Practicing and controlling your chest voice takes some work, but once you master it, your performance of “April Showers”, and many other songs will be greatly enhanced. Our pitch training exercises are an excellent tool for this purpose.

A crucial aspect of effective singing is maintaining a healthy voice. Check out our article on vocal health for important tips on keeping your vocal cords in top form.

Last but not least, the performance is as key as the singing itself. Check our tips and the Stage tips video for some guidance on delivering an unforgettable performance.

With consistent practice and the right guidance, you’ll be singing “April Showers” to perfection in no time. Happy singing!