How to Learn Singing “Art Is Calling for Me” from

How to Learn Singing “Art Is Calling for Me”

Are you ready to tackle the delightful and challenging song “Art Is Calling for Me”? This wonderful aria from the operetta “The Enchantress” by Victor Herbert requires precision and expression to truly bring it to life. In this article, we’ll explore the unique vocal technique used in the song and provide practical advice on how to master it.

The Unique Vocal Technique: Coloratura

“Art Is Calling for Me” is known for its impressive coloratura passages. Coloratura is a vocal technique that involves singing elaborate melodic lines with speed, agility, and accuracy. The song features cascading runs, quick trills, and rapid note changes, which require excellent breath control and dexterity. Mastering coloratura will not only help you in this song but also in other famous arias such as “Der Hölle Rache” from Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” and “Bell Song” from Delibes’ “Lakmé.”

Practical Tips for Learning the Song

Learning “Art Is Calling for Me” requires both technical skill and artistic interpretation. Here are some practical tips to help you master this beautiful aria:

  1. Start with vocal warm-ups: Before diving into the song, warm up your voice with exercises that focus on breath control, vocal agility, and range. Singing Carrots’ Pitch Training can help you with specific exercises tailored for developing your coloratura technique.
  2. Study the sheet music: Familiarize yourself with the sheet music and analyze its structure. Pay attention to key changes, tempo variations, and the overall phrasing of the piece. Singing Carrots’ song search can help you find the sheet music for “Art Is Calling for Me” in your desired key.
  3. Work on technique: Focus on the coloratura passages and practice them slowly at first. Break down the runs and trills into smaller sections and gradually increase the speed as you gain proficiency. Singing Carrots’ Vocal Pitch Monitor can help you visualize and adjust your pitch during practice sessions.
  4. Embrace the character: “Art Is Calling for Me” is sung from the perspective of a young and ambitious artist who dreams of fame and success. Dive deep into the character’s emotions and bring out the passion and longing in your performance. Singing Carrots’ article on singing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking can provide valuable insights on embodying a character in a song.

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