How to Learn Singing “As the World Falls Down” from David Bowie

How to Learn Singing “As the World Falls Down” by David Bowie

Learning how to sing a particular song can be a rewarding experience, especially when it comes to a masterpiece like “As the World Falls Down” by David Bowie. In this article, we will guide you through the process of learning and mastering this beautiful song.

Understanding the Unique Vocal Technique

“As the World Falls Down” showcases David Bowie’s exceptional vocal prowess and his ability to express emotions through his voice. One of the unique vocal techniques used in this song is the belting technique. Belting involves singing in a powerful, resonant, and expressive manner. It allows you to convey the intensity and emotion of the song with a strong and full voice.

This technique is also used in other popular songs like “Heroes” and “Space Oddity” by David Bowie. By learning to master the belting technique in “As the World Falls Down,” you can apply it to other songs in your repertoire and expand your vocal capabilities.

Practical Advice for Learning the Song

To effectively learn and sing “As the World Falls Down,” here are some practical tips and techniques to keep in mind:

  • Analyze Your Voice: Before diving into the song, take some time to analyze your voice and identify your vocal range. This will help you determine the key in which you should sing the song to best showcase your vocal abilities.
  • Understand Your Voice Type: Knowing your voice type can guide you in understanding the strengths and limitations of your voice, allowing you to make necessary adjustments while singing the song.
  • Master Breath Support: Proper breath support is crucial for singing any song. Practice exercises like How to Twang Exercise and Farinelli Breathing to strengthen your breath control and improve your overall performance.
  • Balance Your Voice Registers: Understanding and effectively transitioning between your vocal registers is essential for singing with control and flexibility. Check out the Mixed Voice and Chest Voice Explained videos to learn more about voice registers.
  • Keep an Open Mouth and Throat: Opening your mouth and throat while singing allows for better resonance and helps you achieve a clear and resonant tone. Read more about it in the article about Opening Mouth & Throat.

Utilize Singing Carrots Resources

Singing Carrots offers a range of resources that can support your journey to learning and singing “As the World Falls Down”: