How to Learn Singing “Asleep” from The Smiths

How to Learn Singing “Asleep” by The Smiths

Singing “Asleep” by The Smiths can be a rewarding experience for any vocalist. This iconic song showcases a unique vocal technique known as breathy vocals, which adds a gentle and vulnerable quality to the performance. You can find this technique in other popular songs like “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star and “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac.

To learn and master singing “Asleep,” follow these practical steps:

Step 1: Analyze Your Voice

Before diving into the song, it’s essential to understand your voice and its capabilities. Singing Carrots offers a helpful article on how to analyze your voice which provides insights into voice classification and vocal range identification. Take the vocal range test to discover your vocal range and compare it with famous singers.

Step 2: Breath Control and Technique

Mastering breath control and technique is crucial for capturing the breathiness of “Asleep.” Singing Carrots’ article on breathing basics and breath support provides valuable insights and exercises to improve your breathing technique.

Step 3: Vocal Registers and Resonance

Understanding vocal registers and resonance is essential for achieving the desired breathy quality in “Asleep.” Singing Carrots’ comprehensive article on voice registers and resonance in singing will help you explore different vocal registers and manipulate the resonance to create the desired effect.

Step 4: Emotional Connection and Interpretation

“Asleep” is an emotional song, and connecting with the lyrics is crucial for a captivating performance. Singing Carrots’ article on singing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking provides valuable tips on how to connect with the emotional depth of a song and deliver a heartfelt performance.

Step 5: Practice with Vocal Exercises

Reinforce your singing skills and improve your breathy vocals by incorporating specific vocal exercises. Singing Carrots’ Pitch Training offers interactive warm-ups and exercises for range and agility. Additionally, the Vocal Pitch Monitor tool allows you to visualize your sung notes on a virtual piano.

Step 6: Song Preparation

Prepare for singing “Asleep” by utilizing Singing Carrots’ tools and resources. The Song Search feature allows you to find songs matching your vocal range, difficulty, and genre preference. Create your performance set using the Song-book tool, which provides linked lyrics, sheet music, chords, karaoke, and YouTube audio.

Step 7: Singing Course

If you want to take your singing skills to the next level, Singing Carrots offers a comprehensive singing course. This 21-lesson program covers singing theory, practical tips, and techniques to enhance your overall singing abilities.

With these practical steps and Singing Carrots’ resources, you are well-equipped to embark on your journey of learning and mastering “Asleep” by The Smiths. Enjoy the process and let your breathy vocals bring this beautiful song to life!