How to Learn Singing “Baby Come Back” from The Equals

Learn to Sing ‘Baby Come Back’ by The Equals

One of The Equals’ most memorable songs, ‘Baby Come Back’, is characterized by its catchy reggae influence incorporating a unique vocal technique called ‘off-beat phrasing’. This technique emphasizes normally weak beats in a bar, creating an exciting syncopation.

Understanding the Song

The first step to learning any song is understanding its structure and distinctive elements. ‘Baby Come Back’ blends rock and roll with British reggae, creating an upbeat tempo. The unexpected placement of syllables helps to convey the desperate and pleading tone of the lyrics.

Featured Vocal Technique: Off-Beat Phrasing

Used in many reggae, jazz, and pop songs, off-beat phrasing is a technique that adds unpredictability and interest to a melody by emphasizing weaker beats. Mastering this technique will open up a whole new range of songs for you. Other popular songs using off-beat phrasing include ‘Take Five’ by Dave Brubeck and ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police.

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Ending the Learning Process

Regular practice is crucial for mastering new songs and techniques. Start by using the Vocal Pitch Monitor to understand your current capabilities. Then try the Pitch Training to enhance your off-beat phrasing skills.

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With practice and perseverance, you can master the unique off-beat phrasing in ‘Baby Come Back’ and beyond. Happy singing!