How to Learn Singing “Bad” from Michael Jackson

Learning to Sing “Bad” by Michael Jackson

To learn to sing “Bad” by Michael Jackson, it’s important to know that this song is a showcase of MJ’s unique vocal technique, the ‘vocal hiccups’. This technique involves abruptly cutting off a note by rapidly closing the glottis, which produces a high-pitched hiccuping or gasping sound.

The vocal hiccups technique is also used by other artists like Prince, Bruno Mars, and Justin Timberlake.

Analyzing and Preparing Your Voice

Start by identifying your vocal range and capabilities. Use the vocal range test to determine your range and compare with Michael Jackson’s range. Also, test your pitch accuracy using the pitch accuracy test.

Understanding the Song and Its Technique

The next step is learning the song details and structure. You can search “Bad” in our song database to find its vocal range, key, and tempo.

Practicing the Vocal Hiccups

Next, practice the vocal hiccups. This technique comprises feeling a sense of surprise or shock, and sharply inhaling to create a gasping sound. For reference, see Michael Jackson’s performances or songs like “Black or White” and “The Way You Make Me Feel”.

Applying the Technique to the Song

Now, apply the vocal hiccups in “Bad”. Practice slowly at first, focusing on where the hiccups are used and how they affect the song’s rhythm and feel. Gradually increase speed until you can comfortably sing the whole song.

Monitoring and Improving Your Performance

Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor tool to check your pitch accuracy as you sing and target to improve it.

Preparing for Performance

A key attribute of singing “Bad” successfully entails incorporating MJ’s energetic performance style. Work on your stage moves and confidence, using our tips to overcome stage fright.

Lastly, record yourself singing to track your progress, get feedback from others, and keep practicing until you master it.

Michael Jackson was one of a kind, and emulating him is not easy. With the right practice and resources, you can learn to sing “Bad” and any other songs that utilize the vocal hiccups technique.