How to Learn Singing “Beautiful Lies” from Birdy

How to Learn Singing Birdy’s “Beautiful Lies”

Singing a song like Birdy’s “Beautiful Lies” requires a delicate vocal technique that captures the emotional depth and vulnerability of the lyrics. In this article, we will guide you through the process of learning and performing this beautiful song.

Understanding the Song

Before diving into learning the song, it’s important to understand the meaning behind the lyrics and the overall vibe of the song. “Beautiful Lies” is a haunting and introspective ballad that explores the themes of self-reflection and the complexities of relationships. It demands a controlled yet emotive vocal delivery.

Finding Your Vocal Range

Knowing your vocal range is crucial for selecting the right key to sing the song comfortably. Singing Carrots’ Vocal range test will help you determine your range and compare it with famous singers who share a similar vocal range.

Warm-up and Breathing Exercises

Before attempting to sing “Beautiful Lies,” warming up your vocal cords and practicing proper breathing techniques is essential for vocal health and control. Singing Carrots’ Pitch Training offers several warm-up exercises that focus on breath control and vocal agility.

Vocal Technique

In “Beautiful Lies,” Birdy demonstrates her unique vocal technique characterized by a breathy and ethereal tone. To achieve this sound, focus on opening your mouth and throat while singing. Singing Carrots’ article on open mouth & throat technique provides valuable insights on how to achieve this.

Expression and Emotion

A crucial aspect of performing “Beautiful Lies” is conveying the song’s emotions authentically. Singing with intuition, skills, and emotions is explored in Singing Carrots’ article, which offers tips on how to connect with the lyrics and infuse your performance with genuine emotion.

Performance Tips

When performing “Beautiful Lies” or any song, it’s important to pay attention to your stage presence and overall performance. Singing Carrots’ articles on how posture affects your singing, how to overcome stage fright, and tips for performing on stage can provide valuable insights to help you enhance your stage presence and connect with your audience.

Other Songs with Similar Techniques

The unique vocal technique used in “Beautiful Lies” is also found in other popular songs. Some examples include:

  • Birdy – “Skinny Love”
  • Billie Eilish – “Everything I Wanted”
  • Lana Del Rey – “Young and Beautiful”
  • Florence + The Machine – “Never Let Me Go”

Exploring and practicing these songs can help you further develop your vocal technique and interpretation skills.


Singing Birdy’s “Beautiful Lies” requires dedication, practice, and attention to vocal technique. By utilizing the resources provided by Singing Carrots, such as the vocal range test, warm-up exercises, and practical advice, you can successfully learn and perform this beautiful song with authenticity and emotion.