How to Learn Singing “Beggin'” from Maneskin

Learning to Sing “Beggin'” by Maneskin

“Beggin'” by Maneskin, the winner of Eurovision 2021, is a song with a unique vocal technique that truly stands out – Growling. This technique adds a raspy or ‘growling’ quality to the voice, and is often heard in rock, blues, and soul genres.

Growl Technique

To master the growl, practice safe applications of this technique with this Growling Exercise. Growling is used in numerous popular songs; think of James Brown in “I Feel Good”, or Janis Joplin in “Piece of My Heart”.

Analyzing Your Voice

Prior to singing, review your own vocal type and understand your range using our Vocal Range Test. This will give you insights about your potential to hit high or low notes, particularly helping you to anticipate challenges with “Beggin'”. Our Voice Types article can further guide you in identifying your voice type and learning how to work within your natural range.

Practicing the Song

You can visualise the melody of “Beggin'” on a virtual piano with our Vocal Pitch Monitor. Use the tool to ensure that you are hitting all the right notes accurately. Don’t worry if you struggle at first – remember, practice makes perfect!

Pitch and Breath Control

Keeping pitch control while using growling technique can be difficult. Our article on why people sing out of pitch can give you some insightful knowledge. Furthermore, proper breathing is crucial and our Breathing Basics article will guide you on how to use your breath effectively while singing.

Performing the Song

Finally, when you’re ready to perform, do read our articles on stage performance tips and overcoming stage fright to ensure that you can deliver a performance that not only sounds, but feels, confident and impassioned.


Learning “Beggin'” by Maneskin can be a fun challenge. Remember, knowing your voice’s strengths and limits is crucial to safely explore new vocal techniques. With a few exercises and lots of practice, you will add another wonderful song to your repertoire!