How to Learn Singing “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast

Learning to Sing ‘Belle’ from Beauty and the Beast

‘Belle’ from the iconic Disney film ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is known for its lively tone, theatrical storytelling, and the unique vocal technique of ‘Legato’ singing. This technique is characterised by smooth and connected notes, creating a flowing melody.

Understanding Legato

Legato, Italian for ‘tied together’, is a core skill in songs like ‘Belle’. It creates a seamless connection between notes, producing a smooth and uninterrupted sound. Many popular songs such as ‘Memory’ from Cats and ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ also extensively use legato.

To practice this, try our Pitch Training, focusing on maintaining a consistent vocal production while changing notes.

Prepare Your Voice

Before we dive into learning the song, make sure you are ready to sing. Warm-ups are crucial for vocal health and effectiveness. Start with this Humming warm-up video, followed by the 3 Minute Warm Up.

Analyse Your Voice

Understanding your vocal type and range helps to sing more comfortably and effectively. Use our Vocal range test to understand your range and compare it with famous singers. Next, dive into this article to help analyse your voice type.

Mastering the Technique

To get the most out of legato singing in ‘Belle’, you need controlled breath support. Here’s what we recommend:

Learning the Song

Now you are ready to sing ‘Belle’!

Remember, don’t rush. Here’s our How to learn a song effectively article to help master each section before moving to the next. Use our Vocal Pitch Monitor to confirm you’re hitting the right notes.

Finally, make it lively and expressive. It’s not just about the notes but also the storytelling. Add your emotion and personality to the song.

Keep Practicing

As with any skill, practice is key. Regularly follow these steps and in no time, you will find yourself singing ‘Belle’ with ease and confidence!