How to Learn Singing “Better Man (Taylor’s Version)” from Taylor Swift

Learning to Sing “Better Man (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift

“Better Man (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift is an emotive song that features a delicate blend of Twang and Breathiness. To master this song, you’ll need to understand these techniques. This article delves deeper into Twang, while the importance of breath support and control is discussed here.

Identify the Vocal Technique

In “Better Man (Taylor’s Version)”, Swift uses Twang, characterized by a bright, ringing vocal tone. Twang brings an engaging country-pop edge to the song and is also found in songs like “Love Story” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. You can practice the Twang technique with this video exercise.

Analyse Your Voice

To sing “Better Man (Taylor’s Version)” with accuracy, first analyse your vocal strengths and weaknesses. Refer to this guide to understand your voice better, and utilize our Pitch Accuracy Test to identify where improvements are needed.

Master the Song

Now let’s dive into learning the song itself. Adopting a step-by-step approach will help. This article provides an effective methodology to learn any song. You can also use our Song Search tool to find other songs that match your vocal range, making practice more fun and varied.

Prepare for Performance

Breathe life into your performance by invoking emotion and telling a story. Engage with these practical performance tips. Also, learn how to manage stage fright with these strategies. Remember, practice is key to a great performance. Try our range of vocal exercises and warm-ups like the Farinelli Breathing.

We hope you enjoy this singing journey with “Better Man (Taylor’s Version)”. With patience and dedication, you can sing this song with the same depth of emotion and technical precision as Taylor Swift!