How to Learn Singing “Better When I’m Dancin'” from Meghan Trainor

How to Learn Singing “Better When I’m Dancin'” by Meghan Trainor

Learning to sing a specific song can be an exciting and rewarding experience. In this article, we will explore how to learn to sing “Better When I’m Dancin'” by Meghan Trainor. This upbeat and catchy song showcases Meghan’s unique vocal style and incorporates various vocal techniques. We will also mention other popular songs that utilize similar vocal techniques.

1. Analyze Your Voice

Before diving into singing the song, it’s important to analyze your voice and understand its unique characteristics. You can refer to the Singing Carrots article on how to analyze your voice for guidance. This will help you identify your vocal range, voice type, and any areas that require improvement.

2. Vocal Technique: Twang

“Better When I’m Dancin'” incorporates the vocal technique known as twang. Twang involves adding a bright and focused sound to your voice, which adds energy and clarity to the vocals. To learn more about twang and how to develop this technique, refer to the Singing Carrots video on how to twang exercise.

3. Breathing and Breath Support

Proper breathing technique and breath support are crucial for singing any song effectively. Review the Singing Carrots articles on breathing basics and breath support to ensure you have a solid foundation in these areas.

4. Vocal Registers and Mixed Voice

Meghan Trainor often utilizes a mix of different vocal registers in her songs. Understanding voice registers and how to navigate them will greatly enhance your performance of “Better When I’m Dancin’.” The Singing Carrots article on voice registers and vocal break provides valuable insights into this topic.

5. Learning the Song

To effectively learn the song, it is important to break it down into manageable sections. Start by listening to the original recording of “Better When I’m Dancin'” and familiarize yourself with the melody and lyrics. Then, practice singing along while focusing on the specific vocal techniques mentioned earlier.

6. Practicing with Vocal Pitch Monitor

One of the helpful tools available on Singing Carrots is the Vocal Pitch Monitor. This tool allows you to visualize your sung notes on a virtual piano, helping you to improve pitch accuracy and monitor your progress while practicing “Better When I’m Dancin’.”

7. Exploring Similar Songs

“Better When I’m Dancin'” shares similarities in vocal technique with other popular songs. Some recommended songs for further practice and exploration include Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” and “Lips Are Movin’.” These songs showcase Meghan’s unique vocal style and can help you further develop your singing abilities.


Learning to sing “Better When I’m Dancin'” by Meghan Trainor requires a combination of vocal techniques, breath control, and practice. By analyzing your voice, developing twang, mastering breath support, understanding voice registers, and utilizing resources like the Vocal Pitch Monitor, you can confidently learn and perform this song. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process of learning and singing!