How to Learn Singing “Big Shot” from Billy Joel

Learning How to Sing Billy Joel’s Big Shot

Billy Joel is renowned for his distinctive vocal styling and his song “Big Shot” is particularly notable for his use of phrasing, dynamics, and articulation. The song also leverages a vocal technique known as the ‘Twang’.

The Twang Technique

The twang technique named for the ‘twangy’ sound it produces helps singers create a sharper, more piercing vocal quality. This is achieved by narrowing the aryepiglottic sphincter, producing a unique vocal quality used to sing louder, without straining the voice.

Practicing the twang technique is essential before taking on a song like “Big Shot”. Watch this concise video and follow the steps to master the twang technique.

Pitch Accuracy

Billy Joel’s dynamic range means accurately hitting the notes can be challenging. Keep your pitch accuracy in check by using the Pitch Accuracy Test.

Singing with Articulation

“Big Shot” is characterized by its fast-paced lyrics, making it a great song to work on your articulation skills. It’s important to keep your words clear without compromising on vocal quality. Here is a useful article on the subject or practice with this exercise.

Implementing the Techniques

Besides technique practice, applying these into the song is equally essential. The How to Learn a Song Effectively article guides you through these steps. You can also find songs suiting your vocal range using Search Songs tool.

Twang technique isn’t unique to “Big Shot”. You’d find it in Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, or Steven Tyler’s performances. Being able to use this technique broadens your singing repertoire.

In Conclusion

Before you start singing, make sure your voice is warmed up. Our Singing Course has plenty of warm-up exercises and in-depth material to assist in your journey. With practice and dedication, mastering Billy Joel’s “Big Shot” and other songs in your range becomes easier.