How to Learn Singing “Black Sunday” from Black Label Society

Learning to Sing “Black Sunday” by Black Label Society

“Black Sunday” from Black Label Society is a hard-hitting metal track, filled with power and emotion. The singer, Zakk Wylde, employs a vocal technique called growling to enhance the song’s heavy personality. Let’s learn how you can cultivate this technique and apply it in “Black Sunday” and other songs.

The Growl Technique

Growling is a potent vocal technique often used in heavy metal and rock genres. In the simplest terms, it involves creating a raspy, rough tone and coloring your vocals for a hard-edged sound. However, this technique requires extreme control and caution to avoid vocal injury. Learn more about vocal distortion and growling here.

Practicing Growling

Our Growl Exercise video will guide you through safe and effective growling. Always warm up first, using our 3 Minute Warm Up, and never push yourself if you feel any discomfort.

Applying Growling to “Black Sunday”

Once you’ve grasped the growling technique, listen to “Black Sunday” to understand how Zakk Wylde uses the growl to enhance the song. Try singing along, matching not just the notes, but the textured vocal tone. Use our Vocal Pitch Monitor to track your pitch accuracy. Remember to engage your diaphragm while growling to maintain vocal health, as explained in our articles.

Other Songs with Growling

Growling isn’t exclusive to “Black Sunday”. It’s also a characteristic feature in songs like “Ace of Spades” by Motörhead and “Primal Concrete Sledge” by Pantera. You can find more songs within your vocal range that employ growling in the Song Search tool of Singing Carrots.

“Black Sunday” is just one of many unique songs that you can learn and sing with the right techniques and resources. Ready to expand your singing capabilities? Check out our Singing Course and keep growing as a vocalist.