How to Learn Singing “Blessed Assurance” from

Mastering “Blessed Assurance”: A Guide

Learning to sing “Blessed Assurance” presents an opportunity to develop control over your voice type and use of vocal registers. Read more about voice types and voice registers.

Song Analysis

The hymn makes use of the chest voice and requires comfort with mixed voice. You may have experienced mixed voice at spots where your voice switches from chest to head voice. Develop your voice further with the Mixed Voice video.

Right breath control is significant. Read about breathing basics and the importance of breath support.

Melody Mastering

Start by mastering the melody of the song without lyrics. Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to visualize your sung notes. The Pitch Accuracy Test can help enhance your pitching ability.

Understanding and Incorporating Technique

“Blessed Assurance” exemplifies the use of vibrato at the end of phrases. Learn about singing with vibrato and exercise with Beggars Bounce video.

Investigate more songs with use of vibrato in our songbook.


As in any song, it is important to not strain your voice. Remember these vocal health tips.

Complete your training with our singing course.