How to Learn Singing “Blew” from Nirvana

Learning How to Sing Nirvana’s “Blew”

‘Blew’, from Nirvana’s debut album ‘Bleach’, is a powerful example of the grunge genre vocal style best known for Kurt Cobain’s vocal distortion and growling technique. Let’s explore how to recreate this unique sound while protecting your voice.

Understanding Vocal Distortion and Growling

Vocal distortion and growling are both techniques that can add intensity to your singing, mimicking the groundbreaking style of many alternative rock vocalists. They should be approached with care to prevent vocal damage. Learn more in our article on Vocal Distortion & Growling. For a practical guide, watch How to Growl Exercise.

Analyzing ‘Blew’

In ‘Blew’, Cobain sings predominantly in the modal register, using vocal distortion and growling techniques for emotional effect. The melody is relatively narrow-ranged, around D2-E4, suiting Baritones and Altos best. Figure out your range with our Vocal range test.

Learning ‘Blew’

The first crucial step to learning any song is analyzing the melody and lyrics. Singing along to the original or a karaoke track helps internalize the melody. Use our Vocal Pitch Monitor to ensure your singing matches the intended pitch.

Applying Vocal Techniques

Pay attention to Cobain’s vocal agility and his use of breath to create dynamic shifts in volume and intensity. Practicing breath control exercises, like those in our Pitch Training tool, will improve this element of your singing dramatically. Also, revisit our article on Breath Support to understand the importance of breath in singing.


Grasping the nuances of ‘Blew’ and Cobain’s vocal style requires a solid understanding of breath support and control, as well as the right vocal techniques. With focused practice and attention to detail, you can capture the spirit of this grunge classic while keeping your voice healthy. Remember, singing should always be a joy, not a struggle. Enjoy the process, and rock on!