How to Learn Singing “Blue Velvet” from Lana Del Rey

Learning to Sing “Blue Velvet” by Lana Del Rey

“Blue Velvet” by Lana Del Rey is a melodic journey that requires good vocal control, nuanced dynamics, and the ability to convey deep emotions. Lana’s unique approach to the song involves primarily using her chest voice, a technique common in pop music.

Step 1: Analyze the Song and Your Voice

Start by having a close listen to the song to become familiar with the melody, rhythm, and unique vocal techniques Lana uses. Then assess your vocal range with our Vocal range test to understand if you can hit all the notes in the song.

Step 2: The Throaty Chester Voice

Lana passionately utilizes her chest register throughout the song. This gives the song its distinct husky, throaty tonal quality oozing with melancholy. Practice using your chest voice with this helpful video.

Step 3: Dynamics Control

“Blue Velvet” has subtle shifts in dynamics which contribute to the haunting feel of the song. The control of your breath support is critical for this, so make sure to practice with this video which explains how to sustain vocals.

Step 4: Conveying Emotion

Lana’s emotional depth is a significant part of her attraction. To replicate this in your rendition, try to connect with the song’s lyrics and communicate that feeling when you sing. Discover more about singing with emotion here.

Step 5: Practice and Perform

Use our Vocal Pitch Monitor and Pitch Training game to perfect your pitch accuracy. Once comfortable, perform the song with all the techniques you’ve learned. Enjoy a playful, intuitive and confident performance using tips from our performance article.

The chest voice is widely used in popular music. If you enjoy singing “Blue Velvet”, consider exploring other songs that utilize this technique, such as “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele or “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga. Find songs that compliment your range using our Song Search feature.

Always remember, singing is a journey of self-discovery and improvement. Enjoy the process!