How to Learn Singing “Boyfriend” from Justin Bieber

Learning to Sing “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber

“Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber is an excellent song for developing and showcasing a modern pop vocal technique known as “twanging.” The way Bieber accomplishes this lies in the manipulation of his vocal tract, which you, too, can learn to control.

Understanding Twang

Twang involves narrowing the epiglottic funnel, which exaggerates the resonance of the sound, giving it a brighter, more nasal quality. This technique is commonly used in pop and country music. Examples include Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” and Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” To learn more about twang, you can refer to this article or watch this exercise.

Analyze your Voice

Before diving into the song, conduct a vocal range test to see if your voice matches Bieber’s vocal range. This provides a realistic understanding of the adjustment needed to comfortably sing “Boyfriend.”


Bieber notably uses his chest voice in this song. A suitable warm-up such as the Singing Comfort Zone video can help you activate and strengthen this register.

Listen Actively and Breakdown the Song

Start learning the song in pieces—this way, you gain a firm grasp of the melody, rhythm, and lyrics. You can use our song search to find a karaoke version of “Boyfriend” and start practicing.

Monitor Your Pitch

The Vocal Pitch Monitor can help you maintain Bieber’s pitch in “Boyfriend.” It allows you to see your sung notes on a virtual piano, making adjustments easier.

Commit to Regular Practice

Regular, consistent practice is the key. Use resources, such as our Pitch Training tool, to improve your vocal agility, ensuring your ability to hit and maintain notes accurately.

With these steps and your dedication, singing “Boyfriend” like Justin Bieber is within your reach. Happy practicing!