How to Learn Singing “Breaking the Habit” from Linkin Park

How to Learn Singing “Breaking the Habit” by Linkin Park

Learning to sing a particular song can be an exciting and rewarding experience for any vocalist. In this article, we will explore how to learn singing the song “Breaking the Habit” by Linkin Park. This song not only showcases powerful emotions but also incorporates a unique vocal technique known as belting. Belting is a singing technique that involves accessing the full power and resonance of the chest voice while maintaining control and clarity.

Before diving into learning the song, it’s important to develop some foundational skills and techniques. Singing Carrots provides a wide range of resources that can help you improve your singing abilities. Here are some articles and exercises that you can refer to:

Now that you have a solid foundation, let’s dive into learning “Breaking the Habit” by Linkin Park. This song is known for its intense emotions and powerful vocals. The key to delivering a compelling performance lies in mastering the belting technique.

Belting involves accessing your chest voice while maintaining control and clarity. It allows you to project your voice with power and emotion, making it a perfect fit for songs like “Breaking the Habit.” To practice your belting technique, you can try the following exercises:

  • How to Twang Exercise – Twang is a key element of belting and can help you achieve a powerful and resonant sound.
  • How to Growl Exercise – Incorporating growling techniques can add intensity and grit to your belting.
  • Beggars Bounce, Diaphragm Bounce – These exercises focus on developing control and flexibility in your diaphragm, essential for powerful belting.

Remember to warm up your voice before attempting these exercises. Singing Carrots offers a range of warm-up exercises that can help you prepare your voice for the belting technique:

  • Farinelli Breathing – This exercise helps you focus on breath control and support.
  • 3 Minute Warm Up – A quick and effective warm-up routine to prepare your voice for singing.

In addition to the technical aspects of singing, it’s crucial to connect with the emotions of the song. Explore the lyrics and try to understand the story and message behind them. This will allow you to convey the emotions more effectively during your performance. Singing with intention and authenticity can greatly enhance the impact of your rendition.

Remember to also consider your overall stage presence and performance skills. Singing Carrots provides valuable resources to help you improve in these areas as well:

With dedication, practice, and the resources provided by Singing Carrots, you can learn to sing “Breaking the Habit” by Linkin Park with power, emotion, and technical precision. Enjoy the journey and embrace the process of learning and improving your singing skills!