How to Learn Singing “Bring It On Home to Me” from Sam Cooke

Singing a song like “Bring It On Home to Me” by Sam Cooke requires a combination of skill, technique, and emotion. In this article, we will explore how to learn and master this beautiful song, highlighting the unique vocal technique used by Sam Cooke and mentioning other popular songs where this technique is employed.

Understanding the Song and the Vocal Technique

“Bring It On Home to Me” is a soulful and heartfelt R&B song that showcases Sam Cooke’s incredible vocal range, control, and emotive delivery. The unique vocal technique used in this song is a combination of smooth and soulful singing with a touch of gospel influence.

To master this technique, it is important to focus on the following aspects:

  • Breathing: Proper breath support is essential for sustaining long and powerful phrases throughout the song. Check out Singing Carrots’ article on breath support for more detailed guidance.
  • Vocal Registers: Sam Cooke effortlessly transitions between his chest voice and mixed voice, creating a dynamic and expressive vocal performance. Learn more about voice registers and vocal breaks in Singing Carrots’ article on voice registers and vocal breaks.
  • Emotional Connection: Channeling the emotions of the song and connecting with the lyrics is crucial to delivering a powerful performance. Singing Carrots’ article on singing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking provides insightful tips on connecting emotionally with a song.

Practical Advice for Learning the Song

Here are some practical steps to help you learn and master “Bring It On Home to Me”:

  1. Start by listening to the original recording of the song by Sam Cooke. Pay close attention to his vocal style, phrasing, and emotional delivery.
  2. Use Singing Carrots’ vocal range test to determine the key that suits your voice best. This will allow you to sing comfortably within your vocal range.
  3. Break down the song into smaller sections and practice each section individually. Pay attention to the nuances in Sam Cooke’s interpretation, such as vocal runs, articulation, and dynamics.
  4. Utilize Singing Carrots’ pitch accuracy test to ensure that you are hitting the correct notes accurately.
  5. Explore Singing Carrots’ Vocal Pitch Monitor to visualize your sung notes on a virtual piano and improve your pitch accuracy.
  6. Engage with Singing Carrots’ Pitch Training resources, which include vocal warm-ups, pitch visualizer, and exercises for range and agility. These exercises will help you strengthen your voice and improve your vocal control.

Other Songs Using Similar Vocal Technique

The unique vocal technique employed by Sam Cooke in “Bring It On Home to Me” can be heard in other popular songs as well. Here are a few examples:

  • “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke
  • “Try a Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding
  • “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King
  • “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green

These songs share the soulful and emotive vocal style that Sam Cooke mastered and are worth exploring as you continue to develop your vocal technique.

Remember, learning a song like “Bring It On Home to Me” takes time, patience, and practice. Embrace the journey, enjoy the process, and let your voice shine!