How to Learn Singing “&burn” from Billie Eilish

Learning to Sing Billie Eilish’s ‘&burn’

Navigating Billie Eilish’s hit song ‘&burn’ presents several unique challenges for singers since she applies an unconventional vocal technique known as “whisper singing”. Accomplishing this style requires delicate voice control and ample breath support as detailed in Singing Carrots’ Breathing basics article.

The first step to tackling ‘&burn’, or any song, is thoroughly learning it. That involves understanding the melody, rhythm and words, as explored in our guide on how to learn a song effectively.

Next, you need to identify your singing range. This song features a relatively narrow range – making it accessible for many singers. Singing Carrots’ Vocal range test can help you determine where your comfort zone lies. If the song is outside your natural vocal range, try to adjust the song to fit your voice rather than straining.

Whisper Singing

Whisper singing relies heavily on breath control. Remember to use your diaphragm rather than your throat to power your breath and take deep, relaxing breaths between phrases. Moreover, it’s crucial that you keep your mouth and throat open while singing to invite a better tone, as explained in the Open mouth & throat article.

This technique can be found in other Eilish songs, such as ‘Ocean Eyes’ and ‘Bury a Friend’, but also in tracks by artists like Lana Del Rey and Halsey.

Pitch Accuracy

Perfecting pitch accuracy is another challenge of this song due to its whispery, low-tone style. Regular practice using Singing Carrots’ Pitch accuracy test can enhance your skill in this respect.


To become proficient, practice often and thoughtfully. Try different techniques and tools, including our Vocal Pitch Monitor, which offers real-time feedback on the accuracy of your sung notes. This insight can be a great reference for adjusting your technique as you practice.

In conclusion, singing ‘&burn’ demands careful breath control, pitch accuracy and an understanding of whisper singing. With methodical practice, appropriate tools, and a mindful approach, you can effectively decipher the unique vocal style of this song and others like it.