How to Learn Singing “bury a friend” from Billie Eilish

How to Learn Singing “bury a friend” by Billie Eilish

Learning to sing a particular song can be an exciting and rewarding experience. In this article, we will explore the unique vocal technique used in the song “bury a friend” by Billie Eilish and provide practical advice on how to master it. We will also highlight other popular songs where similar vocal techniques are used.

Understanding the Vocal Technique

“bury a friend” showcases Billie Eilish’s signature style, characterized by her whispery, breathy vocals. To sing this song effectively, it’s important to master control over your breath and create a haunting, intimate atmosphere with your voice.

Tips for Learning the Song

Here are some practical tips to help you learn and perform “bury a friend” with confidence:

  • Analyze Your Voice: Before diving into the song, take some time to analyze your vocal range and voice type. Singing Carrots offers a helpful guide on how to analyze your voice that can assist you in understanding your strengths and limitations.
  • Breathing Basics: To achieve the breathy quality in your vocals, master the technique of active and passive breathing. Singing Carrots provides a comprehensive article on breathing basics that can help you use your breath effectively while singing.
  • Vocal Registers: Understanding voice registers and vocal breaks is crucial to perform the song’s unique vocal technique. Singing Carrots explains voice registers & vocal breaks in detail, which can assist you in navigating the transitions in the song.
  • Articulation: Pay attention to your articulation while singing “bury a friend” to capture Billie Eilish’s distinctive style. Singing Carrots offers guidance on articulation that can help you achieve clarity and precision in your vocals.

Similar Vocal Techniques in Other Songs

The vocal technique used in “bury a friend” can be found in other popular songs as well. Here are a few examples:

  • Billie Eilish – “when the party’s over”
  • Lorde – “Royals”
  • James Blake – “Limit to Your Love”
  • Xxxtentacion – “Sad!”

Utilize Singing Carrots Resources

Singing Carrots offers a range of resources that can complement your training and help you improve your singing skills. Here are some resources you can utilize:

  • Vocal range test: Determine your vocal range and compare it with famous singers.
  • Pitch accuracy test: Assess your pitch accuracy while singing along to simple melodies.
  • Vocal Pitch Monitor: Visualize your sung notes on a virtual piano.
  • Pitch Training: Engage in interactive vocal warm-ups and exercises for range and agility.
  • Song search: Find songs that match your vocal range, difficulty, and genre preference.
  • Artist vocal ranges: Discover the vocal ranges of famous singers.
  • Song-book: Create your performance set and access linked lyrics, sheet music, chords, karaoke, and YouTube audio.