How to Learn Singing “Call It What You Want” from Taylor Swift

Learning to Sing “Call It What You Want” by Taylor Swift

Famed for its soothing melody and emotive lyrics, “Call It What You Want” by Taylor Swift uniquely employs a vocal technique called Speech Level Singing (SLS). This type of singing aims to maintain you in your speech level (natural speaking voice) while expanding your vocal range and improving control. It’s often used in pop music and has also been masterfully executed by singers like Ariana Grande and Sia.

To learn “Call It What You Want”, start by understanding the song’s structure. Knowing the song inside-out helps you anticipate key changes and rhythm patterns, enhancing your performance.

Applying SLS

While executing SLS, keeping your throat open and relaxed is crucial. Check out this article on the importance of an open mouth and throat while singing for more in-depth understanding. Regular vocal warm-ups can help diminish any constrictions in your voice. Here’s how avoiding any form of constriction brings out the best in your singing.

At its core, SLS minimizes tension and strain by balancing your air pressure and vocal cord tension. Adequate breath support plays a pivotal role here. You can evaluate how well you’re managing your breath with the Vocal Pitch Monitor.

Analyzing Your Voice

Before you begin learning the song, ensure you’re analyzing your voice to grasp your vocal capabilities. “Call It What You Want” primarily involves a mid-range vocal capacity. So, your task is to bring out the beauty of the mellow melodies without straining your voice. Use our Vocal Range Test to correlate your range with the song’s.

Engage Your Emotions

One of the reasons “Call It What You Want” resonates with listeners is its emotional depth. As a singer, tapping into these emotions and conveying them convincingly is half the battle. This resource on singing with intuition, skills, and emotion can guide you on how to own the lyrics emotionally and technically.

Tips for Performing the Song

This song, like most of Taylor Swift’s discography, is a storytelling masterpiece. To effectively convey its narrative, your stage presence is as vital as your singing. Check out these tips for performing and advice on overcoming stage fright to ensure a confident, engaging performance.

Practice Makes Perfect

Ultimately, consistent practice using our Pitch Training – Educational Singing Game and Pitch Accuracy Test will help you master “Call It What You Want”. Remember, the key is not to imitate Taylor Swift, but to find your own authentic voice, and Swift’s style can work as an excellent guide.