How to Learn Singing “Calypso Blues” from Nat King Cole

Learning to Sing ‘Calypso Blues’ by Nat King Cole

‘Calypso Blues’ by Nat King Cole is a fine example of a song requiring a deep understanding of vocal techniques. With its origins in jazz and Calypso, Nat King Cole’s vocals glide effortlessly over the vibrant rhythms unfolding a beautiful synergy of techniques. One such technique he uses quite explicitly in this song is the use of vibrato – a pulsating change of pitch to enhance musical expression.

Mastering vibrato will unlock your ability to sing other songs like ‘Unforgettable’ by Nat King Cole, ‘Something’s Got A Hold On Me’ by Etta James, and ‘At Last’ by Etta James. Here’s how you can explore Nat King Cole’s use of vibrato and use it to learn ‘Calypso Blues’.

Vocal Analysis

Review your vocal range using our free Vocal Range Test and compare it with Nat King Cole’s vocal range using our Artist’s vocal ranges tool. Understanding your voice in relation to Nat King Cole’s will reveal your potential strengths and weaknesses while singing ‘Calypso Blues’.

Mastering Vibrato

Vibrato is a pulsating change of pitch that gives richness and warmth to the voice. It’s used to enhance the song’s musical expression. Review the article on Singing with Vibrato to understand its mechanism and how it contributes to your vocal style. Then, practise the Beggars Bounce and Diaphragm Bounce exercises to improve your vibrato control.

Learning the Song

Once you’ve worked on your vibrato technique, start learning ‘Calypso Blues’. Use our ‘Search song by vocal range’ tool to discover the sheet music, karaoke, and chords available for ‘Calypso Blues’. Remember the tips from the article How to Learn a Song Effectively to structure your practice optimally.

Monitor Your Progress

Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to ensure your pitch matches with the song’s and use the Pitch Accuracy Test to ensure that your vibrato technique is not causing any pitch issues.

Final Thoughts

‘Calypso Blues’ involves more than just vibrato: you need to master the overall song flow, the rhythm, and the specific emotional expression. Use the resources at Singing Carrots and our Educational Singing Course to explore and develop these aspects of your singing. Remember, the journey towards mastering techniques begins with practice, a keen ear, and a love for music.