How to Learn Singing “Camouflage” from Selena Gomez

Learning to sing a new song can be both exciting and challenging. In this article, we will explore the process of learning to sing “Camouflage” by Selena Gomez. This beautiful ballad showcases Selena’s unique vocal technique and offers a great opportunity to practice various singing skills.

Getting Started

Before diving into learning the song, it’s important to warm up your voice. Vocal warm-ups help prepare your vocal cords for singing and prevent strain. Singing Carrots offers a Pitch Training – Educational Singing Game that includes vocal warm-up exercises. Start your practice session with a few minutes of warm-up to ensure your voice is ready.

Understanding the Song

“Camouflage” is a heartfelt ballad that requires a strong emotional connection to deliver a powerful performance. To truly interpret the song, it’s essential to understand the lyrics and the emotional context behind them. Singing Carrots provides guidance on singing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking that can help you connect deeply with the song’s meaning.

Finding Your Vocal Range

Before you start practicing the song, it’s helpful to know your vocal range. Singing Carrots offers a Vocal Range Test that can help you determine your range and compare it with famous singers. This knowledge will guide you in adapting the song to your vocal capabilities.

Mastering Vocal Technique

“Camouflage” requires control and clarity in your vocal technique. Focus on proper breathing and breath support, as explained in the article on breath support. Additionally, pay attention to open mouth and throat technique, as discussed in the article on why to open mouth and throat while singing. These techniques will help you achieve a clear and resonant tone throughout the song.

Unique Vocal Technique in “Camouflage”

“Camouflage” showcases Selena Gomez’s use of a beautiful vibrato technique. Vibrato is a subtle oscillation of pitch and is often used to add expressiveness and emotion to a song. To learn more about singing with vibrato, refer to the article on singing with vibrato. Understanding and practicing this technique will help you add a captivating quality to your rendition of “Camouflage.”

Other Songs with Similar Techniques

The unique vocal technique used in “Camouflage” is also common in other popular ballads. Songs like Adele’s “Someone Like You” and Beyoncé’s “Halo” demonstrate the use of vibrato to convey emotion and create a captivating vocal performance. Analyzing such songs can provide additional inspiration and insight into how to incorporate this technique effectively.

Tracking Your Progress

Monitoring your progress is vital to gauge your improvement. Singing Carrots allows you to track your progress and offers progress statistics to measure your vocal growth over time. Use this feature to stay motivated and see the progress you make as you practice “Camouflage.”


Learning to sing a particular song like “Camouflage” involves multiple elements, from vocal technique to emotional connection. By utilizing practical advice and Singing Carrots resources, you can enhance your singing skills and deliver a breathtaking performance. So dive into the journey of learning “Camouflage” and let your voice shine.