How to Learn Singing “Caribbean Blue” from Enya

Learning to Sing “Caribbean Blue” by Enya

“Caribbean Blue” by Enya is a beautiful piece, full of soft melodic lines and ethereal vocal technique. The primary vocal technique used in this song is Heavy Modal, which emphasizes a fuller and richer tone, often used in pop and jazz music. This technique can also be found in songs like “Someone Like You” by Adele and “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen.

Finding Your Range

Begin by identifying your vocal range using the Vocal Range Test. Knowing your range will help you sing “Caribbean Blue” comfortably and effectively. Remember, each singer’s voice is unique; do not strain to match Enya’s exact notes if they are outside your range. Adjust the song’s key if necessary.

Pitch Accuracy

Test your pitch accuracy with the Pitch Accuracy Test. Singing with accurate pitch is vital to deliver this song correctly. Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to visualize your sung notes and ensure your pitch matches Enya’s wherever appropriate.

Breathing and Support

Proper breathing technique is essential for a song like “Caribbean Blue”, with its long, breathy notes. Read the article on Breathing Basics and Breath Support to learn how to sustain long notes without strain.

Heavy Modal Technique

Heavy Modal singing, the main technique Enya uses, requires a firm connection between the vocal cords without pressurizing the larynx. Learn more about this technique and practice with the Heavy Modal guide.


Singing Enya’s “Caribbean Blue” is a rewarding endeavour for any singer. It not only exposes you to the ethereal vocal style of Enya but also challenges you to sing with emotional depth and refined technique. Don’t rush the process. With consistent practice, guided by the tools and resources from Singing Carrots, you’ll eventually deliver an unforgettable performance of “Caribbean Blue”.

Happy singing!