How to Learn Singing “Connection” from Elastica

Learning to Sing ‘Connection’ by Elastica

Justine Frischmann’s unpolished pop/punk vocal style in the song ‘Connection’ is distinctive and quite an inspiring vocal exercise. This article will guide you through the process of learning to sing this song, focusing on its unique vocal technique, and offering practical advice based on Singing Carrots resources.

Identify Your Vocal Range

Firstly, to sing ‘Connection’ convincingly, you need to ensure the song is within your vocal range. Use the Singing Carrots Vocal Range Test to determine your range. You may need to transpose the song to suit your voice.

Analyze the Vocal Technique

The distinctive vocal style in this song is a punk-inspired delivery, using the technique of ‘Heavy Modal’ voice as also used in pop/jazz singing. This involves singing powerfully, with a high volume and constant airflow, giving the voice a rough, raw quality.
Other popular songs that feature this technique include “Celebrity Skin” by Hole and “Zombie” by The Cranberries. This method contrasts to the controlled, balanced approach of classical singing, as explained here.

Learn the Song and Practice

Now that you’ve identified the correct vocal technique, it’s time to learn the song. Read this guide on how to learn a song effectively.
You need to establish breath support and manage vocal energy by following the advice here.


Part of this song’s charm is its tongue-twister-like lyrics, so work on your articulation skills using these resources and the Finger Bite exercise.
To develop Heavy Modal technique, try the Singing Comfort Zone exercise.

This interactive pitch training game can also help improve your pitch accuracy, a key to singing this fast-paced song accurately.

Performance Tips:

When performing, remember to maintain good posture, as explained here. Apply these performance tips and consider the following stage tips video.

Singing ‘Connection’ can be fun and a great vocal exercise. Enjoy the learning process and make the song your own.