How to Learn Singing “Dance the Night Away” from Van Halen

Learning “Dance the Night Away” by Van Halen

“Dance the Night Away” by Van Halen is more than just a catchy classic rock song. It offers a rich opportunity to explore unique vocal techniques and further develop your singing skills. In this article, we’ll break the song down and provide resources to aid you in mastering it.

Vocal Range and Techniques

Frontman David Lee Roth, known for his athletic tenor voice, demonstrates tight control over his mixed voice in this song. He comfortably switches from his chest voice to head voice, seamlessly blending the two in his midrange while encompassing a vocal range between A3 and A5. It’s essential to know your voice type and range before taking on this challenge. Use our vocal range test to determine if this song fits your range.

Interestingly, Roth makes use of the Twang technique, a nasal sound created by the tightening of the larynx. At times, this is paired with a distorted edge, giving his voice that distinctive gritty sound signature to Hard Rock. Gain insight on Twang and distortions from our contemporary vocal techniques post and practice the Twang technique with this exercise.

Learning the Song

Start by listening to the original song to immerse yourself in the style, rhythm, and emotions conveyed. This immersion is a vital part of the intuitive process. Our Song search can help you find the song and access its sheet music easily.

Use our interactive pitch training exercises and Vocal Pitch Monitor to match the pitch and sustain notes accurately. Our pitch accuracy test can show your pitch accuracy progress.

Additional Tips

Lastly, remember to take care of your vocal health. Always perform warm-ups prior to singing – Here’s one that takes only 3 minutes! Stay energized and hydrated.

Embrace the journey of learning “Dance the Night Away”; enjoy the process as much as the outcome. You are not just learning a new song, but growing as an artist. Dive into it and have fun!