How to Learn Singing “Daniel In the Den” from Bastille

How to Sing “Daniel In The Den” by Bastille

“Daniel In The Den” by Bastille commands special attention due to its unique vocal technique – Twang. ‘Twang’ technique adds a bright ringing resonance to the voice that increases its projection. A must-learn for contemporary singers, it is used not only in “Daniel In The Den,” but also in other popular songs like “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele and “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. Learn more about Twang and how to exercise it in this video.

Understanding Your Voice

Before you start, it is essential to understand your voice and your unique vocal capabilities. Singing Carrots’ Vocal range test is a great resource to get started. Additionally, you can read about how to analyze your voice here.

Learning The Song

The first step to sing “Daniel In The Den” effectively is mastering the lyrics and melody. You can use the Song search tool to practice the song in your vocal range. More tips on how to learn a song can be found here.

Pitch Accuracy and Breathing Techniques

Maintaining pitch accuracy is vital for a melodic song like “Daniel In The Den”. The Pitch accuracy test can guide you to improve in this area. Correct breathing is crucial to maintain pitch and rhythm. Learn about breathing basics here and master it using the Farinelli Breathing technique.

Practicing ‘Twang’

To replicate the unique style of “Daniel In The Den”, exercising ‘Twang’ is essential. Special attention should be given to the beginning part of the chorus where ‘Twang’ is applied with full intensity and resonance. Go through this video to practice ‘Twang’.

Keep Your Voice Healthy

While trying this song, it’s important to not strain your voice. To prevent vocal damage, practice healthy habits as described here.