How to Learn Singing “Day by Day” from Frank Sinatra

Learning ‘Day by Day’ by Frank Sinatra

Mastering a song like ‘Day by Day’ by Frank Sinatra involves the understanding of vocal techniques used by Sinatra himself. Sinatra was renowned for his use of “legato” singing and his enviable breath control.

Vocal Techniques in ‘Day by Day’

“Legato” means smoothly connecting notes, so here Sinatra seamlessly transitions between pitches, giving the song a smooth and flowing texture. This technique can be found in other Sinatra classics like ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ and ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin.’ Learning proper articulation can help in achieving this legato style.

Another key aspect is Sinatra’s breath control. He was famous for his ability to hold a note for an extended period of time, which is a result of proper breathing techniques and breath support. You can leverage our Farinelli Breathing exercise to enhance your breath control.

Learning the Song

The first step in learning ‘Day by Day’ is to understand your voice type and its range. This, coupled with the vocal range test, will help you determine if this song fits within your comfortable range.

If you find the song out of your range, consider adjusting the key. You can also use our song search tool to find other songs within your vocal range.

Listen to the song multiple times, focusing on Sinatra’s pitch, timing, and expressivity. Our Vocal Pitch Monitor and Pitch Accuracy Test tools can help you in matching Sinatra’s pitch precision.

While practicing, ensure to sing in a relaxed manner to avoid any constrictions. Remember, consistency is key in training your voice, so make the best use of our pitch training exercises.

Final Tips

Performing a song is not just about matching pitch and lyrics, but also expressing the emotions the song conveys. Try to connect emotionally with the song and express that through your voice. After all, Sinatra was not only a great singer but also an emotive performer.

Learn more about singing with intuition, skills, and emotion on our platform. Remember, practice makes perfect, so be patient with your progress and enjoy the process of learning this romantic Sinatra’s ballad, ‘Day by Day’.