How to Learn Singing “Daydreaming” from Radiohead

Mastering ‘Daydreaming’ by Radiohead

Radiohead’s ‘Daydreaming’ is a dreamy, haunting track. It’s a song that can truly test a singer’s ability to connect with their emotions. Thom Yorke, Radiohead’s lead singer, employs a unique vocal technique in this track known as ‘falsetto’, allowing him to hit higher notes with a soft, airy sound, typically associated with dreaminess and vulnerability.

Falsetto is commonly used in art-pop, RnB and indie music. Some other popular songs using falsetto include ‘Chandelier’ by Sia and ‘I Want to Know What Love is’ by Foreigner.

Learning the song

Before diving in, it’s necessary to understand your vocal range. Use our vocal range test to find out if your range aligns with Thom’s. Next, use the pitch accuracy test to assess your ability to match the notes.

Use the effective song learning techniques to fully grasp the song. Pay special attention to your falsetto and maintaining your breath support (see here).

Next, use our Vocal Pitch Monitor to check for inaccuracies and mistakes while singing. It’ll help to identify if you are hitting the correct notes or missing the mark.

Mastering the Technique

Getting the falsetto technique right can be tricky. Consider practicing with the [Voice Break]( video which can be helpful for transitioning into falsetto. Furthermore, to understand the mechanics of falsetto, watch the [Chest Voice Explained]( video.

Final thoughts

Once you’ve practiced enough, return to our pitch monitor and see improvements you’ve made. Remember, it’s not just about copying Yorke but also about finding your own authentic voice. Enjoy the journey!