How to Learn Singing “Degenerate” from blink-182

Learn to Sing: “Degenerate” by Blink-182

“Degenerate” by Blink-182 is a perfect song to explore the world of punk rock vocal techniques, known for its pronounced energy and fast-paced lyrics. Let’s dive in!

Vocal Techniques in “Degenerate”

The key vocal technique in “Degenerate” is the “Punk Rock Growl”. This is not just shouting; it’s an artful blend of breath, vocal positioning, and vibration. This technique adds depth and grit, and it’s widely used in punk rock and other rock sub-genres.1

Practice this skill with a growling exercise. Don’t forget – singing should never cause pain. Always warm up your vocal cords before trying these heavier techniques.2

Other Songs with Punk Rock Growl

You can explore Punk Rock Growl in the works of Green Day, The Offspring, and Sum 41. Songs like “American Idiot” by Green Day or “All I Want” by The Offspring also utilize this unique and powerful vocal technique.

Approach to Learning “Degenerate”

Start by understanding your vocal capabilities using the vocal range test3. Then, focus on the lyrics, practicing pronunciation and rhythm. Blink-182’s lyrics in “Degenerate” are fast-paced. Work on articulation4 with the help of the Finger Bite exercise5.

Use the Pitch Training tool to get comfortable with the melody line and to practice your accuracy6. Sing along with Blink-182 using the Vocal Pitch Monitor to ensure you’re hitting the right notes7.

Tips and Resources

  • Remember the importance of breathing in singing8, it provides the fuel for your voice.
  • Take care of your vocal health9, particularly when exploring techniques like Punk Rock Growl which exert additional stress on your vocal cords.
  • Learn how to manage stage fright10 and harness the energy in your performance.

Taking an educational singing course can also be a great way to work on your singing skills in a structured way11.

Every voice is unique, but with the right guidance and tools, you’ll soon be on your way to mastering “Degenerate” and other songs in this style. Wishing you the best on your singing journey!